Pricing Kits -

Welcome to Press ready "Pricing Kits" This all in one kit includes pricing images for all your digital needs covering Diesel Fuel per gallon pricing, Crude Oil pricing per barrel and Freight Mileage rates. This is a lifetime purchase meaning if pricing should dramatically change outside of our current pricing blocks we will add  new blocks of images as need be at no additional cost to you.

If your purchase the the entire kit we can customize your Pricing Kit any way you like at no additional charge. We left plenty of negative space for your message and or logo's. All images are identifier free

Price for the entire kit is $1,999 - Individual Galleries (example $2.00 - $2.99) $699 and individual images are $199  (Free For Subscribers). We cannot customize individual or gallery purchases for you, only full kit purchases and subscribers get free customization. Feel free to contact us with your custom needs. 

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