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Our goal here is to help you find your images faster so you can get back to creating great content. The download button for subscription accounts is a small download symbol at the bottom right of the image you want to download. Reference image below.

Most images are laid out in a folder structure.
Example: Trucks By Type  > (Sub Folder) > Aerodynamics - Auto - BobTail - Cab Over. We try to keep all possible images in their respective Folders and Sub Folders. Sometimes we miss placing an image in the exact folder so a keyword search may also be beneficial. (One image can also be in multiple folders). Folder searches begin in the navigation bars above or bottom of every page. 

The fastest way is using our keyword search bar.
However, it is not an intelligent search. It is an EXACT search. Single word searches typically work fine. Example: Conway images, "Conway" will work just fine. Multiple  words can cause problems. If you're looking for JB Hunt you may want to try "JB Hunt" or "JBHunt". So if you're looking for Bay & Bay Transportation in the keyword search you would need to type Bay Bay. No ampersand, no "and" and no transportation.  In addition, keyword searches may bring up multiples of the same image. Sorry about the exactness of the search criteria. We are working on improvements every day.

Keyword Shortcuts.

Trucker Models = Models with model releases.
1111 = Images that would be good candidates for Identifier Free Images
Interior = Truck Interior Images
Weather = Trucks in various weather conditions  (Weather related searches: Rain, Snow, Rainbow)
Things Gone Wrong = Accident Scenes, Police Pull Overs, Road Side Service and Tows. Accidentsand Towcan be searched individually. 
Bridge, Bridges, Bridge Law, Tunnel and +Tunnels = Trucks on bridges and in tunnels. Sometimes plural versions of a word will bring different results.
Construction Zone = Trucks in construction zones
Truck Sign and Truck Signs = Weigh Station Signs, Runaway Truck Signs and more.
Side Skirts = This search is in it's early stages was focused only on side skirts when that was a new technology, of course these days it's just a standard feature. The later replacement keyword = Aerodynamics focuses on Trailer Tail and Belly Dam technology, which can also be searched individually.
Classic = Long Nose Classic Style Trucks
General Scenic = Trucks generally set in attractive landscapes
Custom = Customized Trucks including Extended Cabs, Lights, Paint, etc.
The Road = Images featuring Roads, Highways, etc.
Non Standard = Images at different angles other than our prominent 45 degree angle
Motion and Night = Light trails and night shots
2 Trucks = Two or more trucks in one frame
Billboard = Trucking images incorporating billboards. Great for custom messages. 
Split Axle = Images containing split axle trailers.
Traffic = Images including trucks and other vehicles.
American Flag and Old Glory = Truck images with American Flags
Tandems Slid Back = Truck Images with the tandems slid back

Types of Trucks
All these keywords will bring up their respective type of truck. 
Daycab , Oversize , Automobile , Racing Hauler , BobTail , CabOver and Cab Over , Container , Doubles , Triples , Expedite , Flatbed , Intermodal , Livestock and Livestock Haulers , Military , Reefer , Special Purpose , Dump , Tanker , Bulk,  Wind Turbine , Mid RoofRV and Multi Axle = 6 or more Axle Commercial Vehicles.

The year the photo was taken is part of the file name: ( truck_092712_lr_179 the 12 is the year reference image below ) Images taken before 01/31/2010 are on average, 2-4 MB. Images taken after 02/01/2010 are, on average, 3-8 MB and are typically sharper images. Images after May 21, 2013 are the sharpest images.

All uploads starting 01/01/15 will average 8-25 MB  Note: 2015 and newer have not been uploaded yet. Projected upload date is 07/01/2017 and is expected to be a massive update.

Most images are released at 300 PPI also commonly confused with DPI. Pixels Per Inch (PPI) and (DPI) Dots Per Inch). Your printer will probably ask for 300 DPI so your fine. If you run into a resolution issues from our very early work let us know and we will fix it ASAP. If you are ever dissatisfied with our work we will be happy to refund or exchange.  

Need the image in a RAW, PNG, PSD, TIFF or any other format? Just ask.  

We are introducing a new line of  "Low Light" images. These images are shot at high ISO's and require noise reduction technology. As a result the Mega Pixels are reduced and some details become not as sharp. So, of course, full daylight images are the sharpest and the low light images are not as sharp. The end result is pleasing but there are some sacrifices. 

Still can't find that image you need? Feel free to contact us. If you are under the subscription model and have a special request please submit your request and we will do our best to capture your image at no additional cost.

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