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Expect quarterly releases of new high grade Trucking Stock Images to our already extensive catalog of heavy equipment throughout the United States. You will have a much deeper pool to draw from including almost any situation trucks get into on a daily basis. In addition to our upcoming updates, we are also announcing an unlimited download subscription based program with a 1 month free trial period. Last but not least we are finally happy to announce the upcoming release of identifier free images. Dramatically freeing up your graphic artists time and greatly reducing your time searching the web for images, altering them, and then obtain proper permission for use. The savings are dramatic allowing your team to focus on streamlining your business for optimal productivity and effectiveness.

Future roll outs will be extremely diversified and will broaden the typical trucker image. In other updates we hope to roll out “B Roll” video for the increasing demand of video across multiple social media platforms. In the mean time we have the most extensive catalog of trucking equipment available on the web. We are the very best option, when considering the price tags attached to traditional professional photography shoots. The crew of 365trucking has been on professional trucking shoots and the costs are staggering. Our individual image cost and our new subscription based option just makes economical common sense. Nothing can beat the quality, value, and flexibility we can offer any business looking to get an edge up on its competitors.

The Cost: Individual images start at $49 for thumbnails, $199 for 1MB and $299 for full Hi-Res. Trucker Model images start at $59 for thumbnails, $199 for 1MB and $299 for full Hi-Res. Quantity discounts include: 10% off 10-20 Images 20% 20 and above Images Subscription Based Model Including Unlimited Downloads: $1,999 per month with a one year contract 1 Month free trial available for Dun and Bradstreet rated companies. If you any questions or need further assistance please feel free to contact us

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