MATS 2018 -

Welcome to MATS 2018. Free photo coverage provided by Uber Freight. Uber Freight provides the best in load boards options, this includes,
Full transparency
Fast 72 Hour Settlement
$75  per hour detention pay.

Check out the free app here. Your really have nothing to loose and everything to gain from a company who really reaches out to the trucking community. 90% of all Uber Freight talent at the major truck shows are professional drivers hired by Uber Freight. ALL photography is free to download and use from Mats 2018 thanks to Uber Freight.  Download and use any way you like (Non commercial use and you may not alter the image in any way)  A #UberFreight hashtag would be appreciated but not necessary. If you or your equipment was photographed by 365Trucking as promised is free to download without any watermarks. Just contact us and we will send you any content from Mats 2018 or any other prior truck show for freee! A $299.00 value per image.

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Special thanks to everyone on the 365Trucking team. Edward Slaughter:  Production Manager, photography, editor video and still photography.  Not afraid of hard work and very talented.  Watch for the upcoming videos.Sierra Sugar and Allen Wilcher: 2nd  Team, Photography and logistics and world class people. James Crowley: Texomatic Motor Media. Not a hired gun but pitched in to help us get our job done under extreme weather conditions  Best guy I know in the trucking industry. You need corporate video, this is the company!

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